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Tweetup badges

There’s a company that makes badges just for tweetups!

I’m DEFINITELY getting one, and will wear it proudly at the upcoming STC Summit in Atlanta! They’re pretty reasonable at $2.50 US, plus whatever the shipping is to your location. This includes a handy lanyard.

However, after talking it over with Rachel H, we’ve come up with a great idea… we can all save a bit of money by putting in one group order. Just send me an email with your first name and twitter name, and send $3 to my paypal account at or through the paypal button below.

I’ll place the order for badges with the tweetup name “#stc09″ at the end of March, then I’ll bring the finished badges with me on the Saturday before the conference begins. I’m usually pretty easy to find, but you can always tweet me!

If you’d rather order your own just go to . You would get to pick out your own colors, but you’ll end up paying full shipping costs. This is also the way to go if you can’t make it to Atlanta, but want a badge anyway.

Either way, I hope we get lots of tweeple in Atlanta!

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