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Travel day

I love living in Tucson. It has perfect weather 10 months of the year, there’s history and culture and technology all sharing a beautiful desert environment. For example, the Kitt Peak observatory, just south of town, has world-class multi-million dollar astronomical telescopes, spectrographic equipment, and a bunch of technology that I can’t even pronounce. In contrast with this high-tech, as you walk around the Kitt Peak facility you can also admire Hohokam petroglyphs from 1,000 years ago.

The one down-side (other than extreme heat in July) is that it seems to take a whole day to get anywhere from here. Tomorrow I have to go to Cincinatti for a meeting of the IEEE/PCS Admin Committee, and though I’m looking forward to the meeting itself, I’m not looking forward to my travel day. I’ll get up at 5 am to be at the airport by 6 for a 7 am flight; change planes in Dallas, and arrive in Cincinatti about 4pm local time. AND have to do it again on the way home.

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