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Review of our book

The February issue of the quarterly “Technical Communication” journal (from STC) includes a lot of great articles, but my favorite has to be the review of the book I wrote with Kit Brown and Char James-Tanny, Managing Virtual Teams. STC Fellow Mark Hanigan wrote:

…this book provides much more than its main title implies. Absolutely, for the subtitle creates the expectation that the book will provide a thorough treatise on using today’s technology to synchronize your project team… The authors do not disappoint.


Not only have the authors provided an all-in-one blueprint for project management of any project in the 21st century, but they have opened the door for us to be willing participants in the continuing evolution of the very project on which the three authors collaborated in the first place. This provides for us readers a useful project guide and a living example of this guide in action.

Thanks, Mark, for sharing your thoughts with all of us!

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