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P-N Designs is an independent consulting firm, specializing in technical consulting and documentation.
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Prince of the Road Press


“Career Tactics for Technical Communicators” by Brenda Huettner is available from Prince of the Road Press starting on May 1st, 2004. Designed for both job-seekers and those currently employed, this handy guide is packed with tips on how to build your own career in technical communications. For more information, write to Or check it out at the STC Annual Conference Bookstore in Baltimore starting on May 9th.

Or, if you want buy this book right away, use Paypal and your credit card for just $15 plus $3.95 shipping:


And don’t forget…

Our first book, published February 2001, is “Winter Journey through the Ninth” by Harry A. Franck. Written during WWII, this book examines the use of tactical air power by the Ninth Air Force. For more information about the book, the author, and the Ninth Air Force, see the Harry A. Franck web page.

We started with a 55-year-old manuscript, created on an old manual typewriter, about the third carbon back. After more months than we like to admit, we ended up with an attractive paperback book. This process is detailed in a PowerPoint presentation about Making Books (caution, this presentation uses frames). We’ve given to the presentation to several elementary school classes here in Tucson, particularly during “Love of Reading Week”. We hand around the various drafts and marked up versions, show off source material, and finally produce a copy of the finished book. We’ve even tried hard to retain the original stinky smell of the blue proofs, which for many kids is the best part.