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More from the WritersUA conference

Day 2 is almost over. Last night, Adobe hosted a reception (it was very nice) and said that they are not giving up on RoboHelp (though no specifics). Today, I learned the the folks over at Madcap have developed two new tools in addition to the Flare Help authoring software. “Mimic” will be a competitor to Captivate, and they’ve also developed a screen capture program.

Tony Self did a presentation on blogs and wikis and RSS and all that – the “Web 2.0″ – but it was quite general. He did point out that Google has a new database product called Google Base, so I’ll have to look that up when I get home. I also saw a very interesting presentation by Pam Noreault on how security issues can impact the way Help systems work. I’ll definitely follow up on that, too!

Almost time for another reception. More updates soon!

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