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Lavacon 2013

One of the most memorable parts of Lavacon this year was Jack Molisani’s presentation of the video from when he was on “The Dating Game – oh, quite a few years ago now!  If you need to see the video (and believe me, you do need to see the video) it’s on Vimeo under Dating Game- Jack Molisani.

My session this year was called “The Hidden Cost of Free”.  You see it all the time: a company offers a  Free! product that does exactly what you need.  But free often comes with associated costs of one kind or another. During this session, I reviewed some of the most common types of expenses associated with free (such as time, effort, portability, expertise required, and compatibility) and talked about some popular free programs to evaluate first hand what they might really cost.  I think it went well, though I was up against some tough competition!  That’s the real challenge of Lavacon – choosing which of the many great sessions to attend.

This event was a blast, but for some reason I didn’t take very good notes at the time,  Luckily for me,  the amazing Ben Rubenstein did. He did a great job of drawing work-related lessons, and summarizing other Lavacon session: 4 content strategy lessons from “The Dating Game”.


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