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Tucson Artists Open Studio Tour 2014

Brenda, BG, and Kim
Three artists at the monkey house

Once again, I participated in the Tucson Artists Open Studio Tour. As you may remember from last year’s studio tour, this is an event where I open my house and show off art.  Also like last year, astrophotographer BG Boyd joined my for the duration of the tour, and , new this year, we also shared space with jewelry maker Kim Bannister.  While I had a lovely time chatting with both my fellow artists and with the other people who stopped by, it was two VERY long days.  And I didn’t get to see anyone else’s open studios!  Will have to seriously rethink this for next year.


John Hedtke coming to Tucson

This months STC-SAZ meeting will feature John Hedtke talking about “Seeding the Clouds”. From our STC-SAZ site: “Seeding the Clouds” is a presentation for technical communicators who have been affected by the rotten economic conditions… which is to say, all of us. Whether you’re a captive or a contractor, if you’re looking for work or… Continue Reading

Arizona UPA Meeting – Thursday, June 18, 2009

This week, the Usability Professionals Association is having their annual conference up in Portland, OR. This year’s theme is “Bringing Usability to Life.” It looks like there’ll be lots of great sessions and terrific networking opportunities, and I’m disappointed that I can’t make it. They’re expecting something like 600 people! Luckily for Arizona UPA folks,… Continue Reading

Operation Moving Monkey

Though it’s exciting to me, I was a bit surprised at how exciting this operation has been to lots of other people. We made the newspapers (Arizona Daily Star and the Tucson Citizen) and I’m told the monkey was also on tv last week. The big move was Saturday. Just in case anyone else ever… Continue Reading

My new monkey

Yesterday I posted a note that I had just adopted a giant concrete monkey statue from Magic Carpet Golf. It didn’t even occur to me at that time that people might think I was joking – that it was all one big April Fool’s Joke. But I wasn’t joking, and YES, I really did just… Continue Reading

Phylise Banner comes to Tucson

I’m delighted to say that Phylise Banner is a friend of mine. She’s also a phenomenal speaker, actively involved in helping academics create better elearning, and a recent guest of the STC-SAZ chapter here in Tucson. She talked about some of the theories behind current learning methodologies, and about how we can use technologies to… Continue Reading

Fantastic in word and image

This past weekend, I attended a writer’s workshop sponsored by the Pima County public library. I’ve always been impressed with the services this library provides, including a wide variety of online databases that I can access with just my library card account number. This workshop was one of a three-part series called “The Fantastic in… Continue Reading

IEEE student paper competition

One of my favorite things at the local IEEE section is the annual student paper competition. This is my third year of participation. Students may submit any kind of engineering paper, as long as it follows the posted rules (essentially, under 15 pages with an abstract, intro, body, and references). The topics vary widely –… Continue Reading

Engineers Week

Today’s the official first day of Engineers Week, so I hope everyone is planning to celebrate (how is up to you)! I started a day early by helping to staff the IEEE table at Engineers Week Mall Day at the Foothills Mall. We were one of a dozen groups trying to bring the beauty, fun,… Continue Reading