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STC Summit 2013

So much to talk about…. Visualizations What story do you want to tell? But, more importantly, what actions do you want the reader to take? @PhyliseBanner says to try word clouds from , check out Tableau for free data visualization tool.  Check out Tableau for free data visualization tool, and for a great… Continue Reading

South by Southwest 2013

South by Southwest interactive festival was, as always, amazing.   Though she didn’t get to stay very long, I did get to hang out with Phylise Banner a little bit.  We started at the reception for STEM to STEAM (that’s adding “art” into the traditional STEM of science, technology, engineering, and math).  The event was sponsored… Continue Reading

STC Elections

Are you in the Society for Technical Communication? Then you know it is now election time. Candidates for the Society offices have been announced, and this is probably the strongest field we’ve seen in a while. It will be a tough, close race for all the contested positions. . A while ago – ok, a… Continue Reading

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Tech Comm, Usability, Publishing, and More – all at South by Southwest

I truly believe that we in the Tech Comm field have spent way too much time and effort talking to ourselves. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE the STC Annual Summit, where the point is to network with other tech comm professionals. But if we want to grow as a profession, if we want… Continue Reading

Phoenix Comic-con

Actually, that should be Phoenix Comicon (one “c”, all one word) but however you spell it, it was an amazing event! It was at the Phoenix Convention Center for the first time (instead of Mesa, as in prior years) and moved to Memorial Day weekend instead of January. Because of these two things (and some… Continue Reading