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Fall conference season

As if it isn’t enough to prepare for the spring season of conferences (I leave on Saturday for STC’s Annual Summit in Philadelphia), this is also the time that the fall conferences are developing their programs. This year, I’m doing a very cool session with Alison Huettner (my sister-in-law) at DocTrain East in Boston. We’ll… Continue Reading

IEEE student paper competition

One of my favorite things at the local IEEE section is the annual student paper competition. This is my third year of participation. Students may submit any kind of engineering paper, as long as it follows the posted rules (essentially, under 15 pages with an abstract, intro, body, and references). The topics vary widely –… Continue Reading

Content Management Conference

There’s a new content management conference coming up this March called “Content Convergence and Integration 2008“. I’m pretty excited because it looks like a terrific program, it is co-sponsored by someone whose work I really admire (Rahel Bailie) and it is on the West coast (Vancouver) making travel just a tiny bit easier from Tucson.… Continue Reading

DocTrain conference in Vancouver

Looks like I’ll be going up to Scott Abel’s Doctrain conference in Vancouver this spring! From their site Held in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, the theme of the 8th Annual Documentation & Trainining Conference is The User Experience. The conference features sessions and workshops that help technical communication professionals improve the usefulness of the… Continue Reading

There’s magic in the air!

While at the IEEE/PCS conference last week, I met two (count ‘em, two!) professors of technical communication who are also magicians. I mean actual card-carrying magicians, the kind that can be sitting around a table and suddenly start performing amazing tricks with pennies. And then I saw this post over at Orange Cone, Mike Kuniavsky’s… Continue Reading