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Phoenix Comicon Preview

Phoenix Comicon was held at the Mesa Convention center last weekend. A couple of friends I had hoped to see couldn’t make it, but several other friends did attend, and overall I had BLAST. Even though it was my first time attending this specific event (or maybe because it was my first time) I decided… Continue Reading

Mistaken identity

This isn’t really about Comicon (that’s in a bunch of previous posts), but this just happened to happen there. While in Phoenix, I ran into a guy whom I was SURE I’d met before. In my mind, I kept thinking he was part of the series of Pima County Library’s workshops on Fantastic in Word… Continue Reading

TusCon and Tucson Comicon

There were two related events this past weekend~ both sort of relating to pop culture and the fan-base of technology and science fiction and comics. The 35th annual TusCon science fiction convention was held for three days, covering all sorts of things like movies, anime, gaming, and of course, novels. There were movies and art… Continue Reading