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Hint about my childhood

Cute picture, Right? Yeah, unless you happen to be one of the Phalon girls! We wore these on Thanksgiving, to parties, and at school assemblies. One year, they even had us wear them on a REGULAR SCHOOL DAY in November, and made us visit all the other elementary school classes. Not only were we the… Continue Reading

Family vacation – part 3

Day 8: Berchtesgaden and into Salzburg (or at least near Salzburg) Because we’d arrived at Berchtesgaden too late in the evening to get up the mountain to Eagle’s Nest, we went up first thing the following morning. As most people probably know already, the “Eagle’s Nest” (or “Kehlsteinhaus”) was Hitler’s mountain-top getaway. He didn’t actually… Continue Reading

Operation Moving Monkey

Though it’s exciting to me, I was a bit surprised at how exciting this operation has been to lots of other people. We made the newspapers (Arizona Daily Star and the Tucson Citizen) and I’m told the monkey was also on tv last week. The big move was Saturday. Just in case anyone else ever… Continue Reading