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IEEE International Microwave Symposium 2014

…in beautiful Tampa, Florida!  I attended the IMS this year with big news – well, big news to the microwave engineering community.  Our site,, has entered into a partnership with the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society.  What does this mean to the average viewer?  Well, for one thing, our broken message board will… Continue Reading

Interchange – the STC New England conference

I was delighted to go to the Society for Technical Communication New England chapter conference “Interchange” last month.   This time areound it was in downtown Lowell, Massachusetss, which turned out to be a beautiful venue.  Here’s the view from the Interchange conference hotel. Lowell made its name as a factory town. The keynote speaker was… Continue Reading

SXSW 2014

South by Southwest Interactive Festival is always a blast! This year, they also had lots of space sessions (yay!).  I really liked listening Doug Ellison talking about climate data visualizations, John Yembrick talking about NASA’s social media strategies, and the entire NASAJPL panel talking about the EarthNow app.  But by far the coolest thing was… Continue Reading

Intelligent Content 2014

Intelligent Content Conference (ICC) was held in San Jose this year, and it was educational, fun, exhausting, and completely amazing.  The event sold out, so it was a full house for pretty much every event and every session.  I actually showed up the day before, and was delighted to see that I’d be sharing some… Continue Reading

STC Summit 2013

So much to talk about…. Visualizations What story do you want to tell? But, more importantly, what actions do you want the reader to take? @PhyliseBanner says to try word clouds from , check out Tableau for free data visualization tool.  Check out Tableau for free data visualization tool, and for a great… Continue Reading

South by Southwest 2013

South by Southwest interactive festival was, as always, amazing.   Though she didn’t get to stay very long, I did get to hang out with Phylise Banner a little bit.  We started at the reception for STEM to STEAM (that’s adding “art” into the traditional STEM of science, technology, engineering, and math).  The event was sponsored… Continue Reading