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BUSY November

I can’t believe it’s November already – October flew by. Heck, 2009 is flying by! There’s lots of stuff coming up this month.

Earlier this week (November 3rd), I got to attend the kickoff meeting of the student branch of the IEEE MTT (microwave theory and techniques) society at the University of Arizona. It was a really enthusiastic bunch of students!

November 7th is the 2nd Annual Tucson Comic-con! Already much bigger than last year, I really see good things coming for this event.

November 12th is the 5th Annual World Usability Day! This event is truly multinational, with hundreds of events across 38 countries. Here in Arizona, it will be the first year we’ve pulled off TWO events – 9-12 in Tucson and 6-8 up in Phoenix.

November 13 through 15 is the 36th annual TusCon event put on by the Baja Arizona Science Fiction Association here in Tucson. Sadly, this is the same weekend that they’re hosting the Arizona Podcamp up in Phoenix. Though I read lots and lots of the science fiction, I’ve yet to find guidance on being in two places at once.

Then, on November 20th, there will be the “Purple vs Gold” scrimmage that will help determine who will wrestle on the Sabino High School varsity wrestling team. Lots of friendly competition!

Though I can’t be there, I’m also watching closely for word from Tekom conference in Germany. This is the biggest European tech comm event, drawing people from all over the world.

And, oh, yeah. Thanksgiving, too!

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