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Back from the long, hot, summer

Actually, it’s still pretty hot here in Sunny Tucson – 102 as I type this. But the kids are back in school as of today, so it feels like it should be Fall.

In terms of technical communication, I’m working on a number of things in addition to regular client projects.

I’ll be attending the IEEE-USA annual meeting at the end of this month as a representative of my local section. This will be my first such event, so I’m not sure what it will be like. It’s being held at the Phoenician resort up in Phoenix, so at least I’m sure the facility will be great!

Next month, I’ll be speaking to the Puget Sound STC chapter next month on Virtual Teams, yet another consequence of the book I wrote with Kit and Char. It’s a quick one-day trip, should be fun!

Also in September, I’ve got the IEEE/PCS adcom meeting, this time being held in conjunction with the IPCC annual conference that starts October 1st. Somehow, I’ve been granted the responsiblities of chairing both the 50th anniversary committee and the sponsorship team. The good news is that the 50th stuff is fun, and the sponsorship is a fairly easy sell – it is, after all, an IEEE event!

Then in October (usually my most horribly busy month) I’m slated to attend Lavacon in New Orleans. I haven’t been to any of the prior Lavacons, but I hear they’re among the most valuable events available for technical communicators. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing a bunch of my STC buddies that I normally only see each May.

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