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You’ll wonder how you managed…

There was a conference call for the leadership of the STC Management Special Interest Group (tagline: You’ll wonder how you managed without us!) I think we’re still looking around for the best way to do these calls–we have one member who needs to call in from Europe, so the timing as well as the technology can be tricky.

I’ve been working with the MGT SIG for a while now I was the newsletter editor for a bunch of years, and participate on the leadership council and help out with the annual conference events. Like the rest of STC, the Management SIG is going through some changes, and it is really a very exciting time. Right now we’re in the process of developing new processes for things like announcements to the membership, and writing our own bylaws, and are in the midst of our very first SIG elections. We’re doing it electronically through Survey Monkey, and so far it looks like its working great. Results should be announced by the last week in September.

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