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Virtually Managing

Today we had a meeting of the STC Management Special Interest Group leadership team. This is an interesting group because we accomplish a lot even though we only meet in person once a year. Part of the success of the group is the dedication of a small number of active volunteers. When our newsletter editor says she’ll get the newsletter out, she does it (and well, and on time). Similarly, we have people who are dedicated to building valuable and popular sessions at the annual conference, or who volunteer their time to maintain our web site or manage the email lists. My own project for this group was to establish a nominations process and conduct our first elections. It was pretty successful, even if I do say so myself. For an all-volunteer, all-virtual group, we got almost 10% of our membership to vote, even though all three offices were uncontested (we DID offer candidates the opportunity to nominate themselves, but no one took us up on it). Next time around, we’ll aim for TWO candidates per open position!

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