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Tweetup badges just arrived!

I just got the new tweetup badges for the STC Summit coming up in May – and they look GREAT!

I placed the order on April 1st and they showed up today (total turnaround including shipping=8 days). This means that if you want to get one for yourself, but missed the first round, there’s still time! One detail you might want to note – the “@” is actually silver, not the bronze color it appears in the photo.

OR, if you want, I can do another group order. Same deal as before – drop $3 in my paypal account, and I’ll order them as a group and bring them with me to Atlanta. Deadline this time around is April 22nd. The more badges we do at once, the more cost-effective it is, so tell all your twittering friends!

And of course, I’ll tweet the offer now and again closer to the deadline. I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Atlanta!

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