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The Twist and cultural influence

Part of our microwave engineering site allows for a monthly opinion piece on a wide variety of topics. Past editorials have covered burning questions like “how do you prevent a shower curtain from blowing inward when you take a shower?” to a story about Edward Rowe Snow, America’s Flying Santa (1936-1981) to an analysis of how the characters from Gilligan’s Island relate to engineers of today. This month, however, is one of the best columns featured so far, focusing on dance music from the past 60 years or so and looking at the influence of the Twist and other non-touchy dances. First of all, this is the most technologically advanced column, with embedded Youtube videos and audio clips throughout, rather than just plain text (see, that alone ties it in to technical communication!) Secondly, it covers a lot of ground, incorporating the personalities of the day, the cultural attitudes, the generation gap (back when WE were the youngsters) and more.

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