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Talking with students

I spoke at the IEEE Student Branch at UofA meeting last night. It was the end-of-semester meeting, where they acknowledged the contributions of the students and talked about plans for next year.

My job was to give the IEEE party line – I talked a little bit about the organization, the programs, and the benefits of membership. Luckily, I believe in most of it – IEEE does offer a lot of great opportunities for engineers, and can be particularly valuable for students (and student membership is only $30/year!)

My husband Steve also spoke to this group last night, giving them “career advice” based on his 27 years as an engineer (and our 7 years running The students said they enjoyed his talk, and I’m happy to say that Steve enjoyed giving it – he’s now inspired to find ways to help the students even more. In addition to the annual events that happen to hit next semester (micromouse competition, student paper competion, Engineers week activities), it looks like they’re going to be working on building a giant cell phone, and helping host the IEEE SW meeting in the spring.

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