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STC Elections

Are you in the Society for Technical Communication? Then you know it is now election time. Candidates for the Society offices have been announced, and this is probably the strongest field we’ve seen in a while. It will be a tough, close race for all the contested positions. . A while ago – ok, a LONG while ago – I wrote a piece called “Your Voice Matters” and it is still true (except for the part about mailing in ballots). Please, if you belong to STC, take the time to make an informed decision and participate. The candidates we elect will be responsible for carrying STC into the future, we need to take that seriously and VOTE!

You’ll find all the info you need, including candidate info and Q&As, as well as a link to the ballots, on the STC election site.

If you belong to any of the STC communities, you should participate in their elections, too! The time frame is a bit different, so your community slate may not have been announced yet. If not, contact your community leaders, and see how you can help! You never know when your skills and talents might be the exact thing that your community needs.

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