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Speaking with the STC-Phoenix chapter meeting

Brenda Huettner, Kim Rosenlof, and Lou Kummerer
Brenda Huettner, Kim Rosenlof, and Lou Kummerer

Last night I drove up to Tempe to give my presentation “Contract or Captive: Which is right for you?” to the STC-Phoenix chapter meeting. This time around, I updated the slides based on what I learned in Carmen Simon’s workshop called “Using Neuroscience to Create Memorable Presentations”.  *I* think they looked great, and the audience seemed to like the talk as a whole.  The test will be asking them in a couple of days what they remember from the talk.

Or they could totally cheat and just look at the slide deck again – I’ve posted it on slide share.

Also at this meeting, I brought a copy of “The Language of Content Strategy” to give away as a door prize.  This is the book with 52 different authors, conceived of and edited by Scott Abel and Rahel Bailie.  The copy I brought was signed by both editors.  Rachel Houghton (the lucky winner) will have to get the 52 author signatures on her own!

The other cool thing about this chapter meeting was the book exchange.  It was intended to be a give-one-take-one kind of thing, but several of us brought in more than one book. I think lots of people went home happy!




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