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Learning about new media

I attended a web-based seminar put on by the Public Relations Society (PRSA). Their local chapter here is great, they are fun and active and are happy to work with our local STC chapter and some of the other organizations in town. The topic was “Wikis, Group Blogs, and Other New Media in the Age of Collaboration” put on by Giovanni Rodriquez of Eastwick Communications. He clearly knows what he’s talking about, and is working hard to share the knowledge. If you get a chance to hear him speak, I’d recommend it! And definitely check out his new media blog at

And, yes, that presentation was part of the inspiration for me starting this blog. It is just one tool out of many that are available to all communicators, but it’s a new and cool tool, and kind of fun to do.

After the presentation, I got a tour of our local public radio and television studios KUAT. Also very cool–especially the office with two Emmy awards just sitting on the desks as if they were already old news. Congratulations, KUAT and the show The Desert Speaks!

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