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John Hedtke coming to Tucson

This months STC-SAZ meeting will feature John Hedtke talking about “Seeding the Clouds”. From our STC-SAZ site:

“Seeding the Clouds” is a presentation for technical communicators who have been affected by the rotten economic conditions… which is to say, all of us. Whether you’re a captive or a contractor, if you’re looking for work or you think you might be looking for work soon, this presentation will present dozens of ideas that can improve your own financial outlook, including:

• how to be more competitive when you’re looking for work
• ways to prime the pump for future work
• how to make yourself more visible to potential employers
• new places to find work
• new types of technical communication to try
• ways to keep your spirits up while job-hunting

Even if you’re already fully employed and aren’t feeling at risk, this presentation will tell you ways in which you can lend a hand to others and ensure their future success and your own immortality.

On top of all this, John is a lively and engaging speaker, and just generally a lot of fun. It’s kind of late notice, but if you’re interested, come on by! Sam Hughes Place, Thursday January 14th, roughly from 5:30 to 8:00 pm or so. Check the stc-saz site for more details.

This topic fits in nicely with what I’ll be doing at the STC Summit in Dallas this spring. I’ll be presenting a half-day preconference workshop based largely on my book “Career Tactics for Technical Communicators”. I gave the workshop last Fall in Boston, and it was very well-received. Maybe I’ll learn a few new tricks from John that I can share with attendees in May!

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