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“Directives” newsletter of the STC Management SIG

Editor Jackie Damrau of the STC Management Special Interest Group has just put out another really interesting management newsletter. And I say this, not because I’m a columnist for the newsletter, but because the issue is once again lively, inviting, informative, and fun. There are STC-specific things, of course, like info about upcoming presentations at the big conference in Las Vegas, and SIG-specific things like calls for volunteers and announcements of new leaders. But there are also articles on a variety of management topics, a book review, and a really interesting list from Kit Brown about the other types of organizations to which technical writers belong. There are contributors from all over the world – a couple from India this time, and a direct email circulation of almost 2000. I have to believe it’s much higher than that if you include the people who read other people’s copies, or download from the website.

Excellent job, once again, Jackie!

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