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Content Management Conference

There’s a new content management conference coming up this March called “Content Convergence and Integration 2008“. I’m pretty excited because it looks like a terrific program, it is co-sponsored by someone whose work I really admire (Rahel Bailie) and it is on the West coast (Vancouver) making travel just a tiny bit easier from Tucson. It also looks like it has lots of really high-level, strategic type of topics, and not quite as many intro-level presentations as some other conferences.

I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Darren Barefoot, blogger extraordinaire. He’s another one of these people who seem to have a dozen projects going successfully at any one time. He is one of the organizers for Northern Voices, a conference on blogging and social media; he’s got a new e-book out about social media and marketing; and he’s also got a lot to say about living in different cultures, movies, books, and hockey.

Another one of my favorite speakers will also be at this conference: Micheal Priestley, IBM DITA architect and all-around fun guy, will be talking about bringing DITA content to Web 2.0 applications. Jim Romano from Prisma will be there as well, talking about global audiences.

The other nice thing about this event is that they’ve assigned a theme to each day, so if my schedule gets tight (as it does every Spring!) and I have to limit the days I can attend, I can still see all the sessions in one category (Day 1 is content, day 2 is technology, day 3 is user relationships).

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