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Phylise Banner comes to Tucson

I’m delighted to say that Phylise Banner is a friend of mine. She’s also a phenomenal speaker, actively involved in helping academics create better elearning, and a recent guest of the STC-SAZ chapter here in Tucson. She talked about some of the theories behind current learning methodologies, and about how we can use technologies to… Continue Reading

Tweetup badges

There’s a company that makes badges just for tweetups! I’m DEFINITELY getting one, and will wear it proudly at the upcoming STC Summit in Atlanta! They’re pretty reasonable at $2.50 US, plus whatever the shipping is to your location. This includes a handy lanyard. However, after talking it over with Rachel H, we’ve come up… Continue Reading

SW Regional PAO competition

It’s time again to gather up your best samples of technical publication, art, and/or online communication for the Southwest Regional PAO Competition! This year, the Kachina chapter is in charge, though I haven’t seen the details yet of which other chapters will be joining up. I particularly like this event because it gives those of… Continue Reading

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STC awards grant money

I just saw this announcement that STC has awarded a grant of $138,000 to Rennselaer PolyTech to study the usability of “tech mediated communications” – that is, web sites and wikis and elearning. The plan is to develop some sort of standard for measuring the usability of these types of communications. There are certainly lots… Continue Reading

Conference countdown

The STC Annual conference is less than a week away now. I’m doing a panel session, a progression, and a full-day post-conference workshop on collaborative tools. It should be great! Now I just have to get all my handouts in order, then schlep them to Las Vegas. Continue Reading

“Directives” newsletter of the STC Management SIG

Editor Jackie Damrau of the STC Management Special Interest Group has just put out another really interesting management newsletter. And I say this, not because I’m a columnist for the newsletter, but because the issue is once again lively, inviting, informative, and fun. There are STC-specific things, of course, like info about upcoming presentations at… Continue Reading