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Family vacation – part 3

Day 8: Berchtesgaden and into Salzburg (or at least near Salzburg) Because we’d arrived at Berchtesgaden too late in the evening to get up the mountain to Eagle’s Nest, we went up first thing the following morning. As most people probably know already, the “Eagle’s Nest” (or “Kehlsteinhaus”) was Hitler’s mountain-top getaway. He didn’t actually… Continue Reading

Morning flow chart

My son Eric is a teenager. He’s generally a good kid, but we often have “discussions” about a variety of issues. For example, he thinks that a grade of “C” is average and therefore good enough (when I know he could do better). He doesn’t believe that a 16-year-old needs a curfew, or that clean… Continue Reading

Book for my mom

I just got back from a family trip to Lake Havasu, Arizona, where we surprised my Mom by having all her daughters, their husbands, and their children show up in the same place. This was actually much harder than it sounds, since we live in five different states and have children ages 6 to 18,… Continue Reading

Stunning old photos

I was lucky enough to get some great old family photos the other day from the Huettner of Mobridge Studio (South Dakota, 1911 – 1950 or so). This one is my favorite! Notice the wheel cover advertising – it says “Kodak As You Go” followed by the “Huettner of Mobridge” name. Apparently, they were encouraging… Continue Reading