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Ireland 2016

I just spent two weeks in Ireland with my family, and it was a blast!  We flew into Dublin, spent a few days there, and then rented a car and drove south through Wexford, around the bottom of the country through Cobh and Cork (and Blarney!), then worked our way up the western coast through Kerry, Clare, and Sligo all the way up to the northern part of Donegal, then completed the circle with a few days in Belfast before returning to Dublin and then home. We had adventures (and pints) every single day!

Map of Ireland showing the areas we visited (Dublin, Wexford, Cork, Kerry, Donegal, and Belfast)

Tribute to a full-speed life

My Mom, Mary Margaret Megley Phalon Ondrick, passed away peacefully in her sleep early in the morning on June 3rd, 2015, just a few days shy of her 77th birthday . She was a bright, fun-loving spirit with a ready smile who taught me and my sisters about sharing, about independence, and about resilience. Mom’s… Continue Reading

A visit with my Mom

Here are a few pictures I took while visiting my Mom  recently.  I was in the Boston area for a conference up in Lowell, so I took a couple of extra days just to check in. Some of you may know my Mom’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, and is struggling with memory issues more… Continue Reading

Phoenix Comicon 2013

I just got back from Phoenix Comicon, and it was (as always) amazing! There were almost 800 programming sessions across 4 days, 200 highlighted guest speakers, over 650 exhibitor booths. All that, PLUS tons of gaming rooms – both board games and video games. I haven’t heard estimates of attendance yet, but it was a… Continue Reading

Tucson tragedy

Yesterday, a terribly troubled and damaged young man committed an act of unfathomable hatred here in Tucson by shooting 18 people at what was otherwise a peaceful gathering. Today, there are still victims fighting for their lives, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, the primary target of the attack. Today, six families are mourning their loved ones.… Continue Reading