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Password panic? Not necessary

While I completely agree that there is a lot of information that simply does not belong online, I’ve also seen a bit of overreaction lately against posting ANYTHING in the least bit personal. Tiffany Monhollan wrote a nice article over at Brazen Careerist recently, and while I agree that people need to be very careful… Continue Reading

Mrs. B’s apple cake recipe for Char

One of the very few things I miss about living in New England is the apple harvest. We used to go every year and pick bushels of them, then make apple pie, apple cake, apple jelly, apple turnovers, apple sauce, apple just-about-everything. It just isn’t the same here in Tucson! Listening to Char talk about… Continue Reading

Other blogs I follow, 2008 edition

I read a lot of other blogs, and usually find that my colleagues create timely, informative posts in many ways better than I could possibly write. It’s a great way of keeping up with news in the industry and in areas that maybe aren’t specifically related to technical communications but that I really enjoy. Back… Continue Reading

100 things

I usually like Popular Mechanics, but this month’s issue is devoted to “100 Skills Every Man Should Know.” Beside the awkward phrasing (shouldn’t it be skills he should master? or things he should know?) and blatant sexism (perhaps because they estimate their readership at about 88% male?), I just don’t think it’s a good list… Continue Reading

Fall conference season

As if it isn’t enough to prepare for the spring season of conferences (I leave on Saturday for STC’s Annual Summit in Philadelphia), this is also the time that the fall conferences are developing their programs. This year, I’m doing a very cool session with Alison Huettner (my sister-in-law) at DocTrain East in Boston. We’ll… Continue Reading

Tweetup badges just arrived!

I just got the new tweetup badges for the STC Summit coming up in May – and they look GREAT! I placed the order on April 1st and they showed up today (total turnaround including shipping=8 days). This means that if you want to get one for yourself, but missed the first round, there’s still… Continue Reading

eWeek times two

I’ve been working on Engineers Week projects here in Tucson for a while now and they’re starting to shape up. I’m officially the IEEE representative, and expect to be helping to staff the IEEE table at “Mall Day” on February 16th. We’ll have a Jacob’s Ladder – that’s the cool-looking tall tube thing you see… Continue Reading