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Catching up and keeping up

I’ve been lax lately about updating this blog. It isn’t because I don’t WANT to, and it isn’t because I don’t have anything to say. The problem has been lack of time – I’ve just been really busy since Thanksgiving.

This is part of why I like Twitter so much – it doesn’t take much effort to post a tweet, and with a limit of 140 characters, it doesn’t take much time, either. Because my friends and colleagues are tweeting frequently, I feel like I can keep in touch, even if we don’t talk or meet in person. I also follow a number the “twitter elite” – those people who are talking about the subjects I find interesting – and that makes me feel like I’m keeping up with the industry (even though I rarely have time to read the various magazines and other publications to which I subscribe).

So here’s an experiment – I’ve added the twitter feed to this blog in a box on the right side navigation panel. This is supposed to update automatically, so that even if I don’t write new posts here, the tweets will be current.

This is a trend I’m starting to see more often – the idea of posting to one place and having the software push the content to a variety of other places. I can, for example, post my tweets ( to my Facebook page (bphuetter) or automatically update the twitter account whenever I update this blog. There’s a service ( that automatically sends your messages to whatever social sites you want – or to a phone, or instant message system or email. There’s another service ( that spreads your link to bookmarking sites like and digg and Propeller (thanks to Scott Abel for the links!)

This is all leading up to “convergence” – a topic that Rahel Bailie has been talking about on the Content Wrangler community. She also puts on a whole Content Convergence conference, and though I missed it last time around, I hope to attend the next one.

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