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A visit with my Mom

MomAndSteveHere are a few pictures I took while visiting my Mom  recently.  I was in the Boston area for a conference up in Lowell, so I took a couple of extra days just to check in. Some of you may know my Mom’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, and is struggling with memory issues more and more each day. But for now, at least, she’s still living with her husband Steve in a house in in Weymouth, Massachusetts. This is them … ON MARCH 31ST!! Look at that snow! I am SO glad I live in Tucson!

SteveMomMeMom’s struggling with some language issues, but at least while I was there she seemed mostly cheerful. Our activities primarily involved getting ready to go out to eat, then going out to eat, then recovering from being out. Here we are at one of their favorite restaurants. The staff were all very nice.

MeandMomMom’s not really that much up on technology, and the idea of taking photographs with a phone was a lot to explain.  As part of that process, I tried to take a selfie of the two of us.  It came out pretty good! Overall, it was a good trip, and it made her happy.

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